Buenos Aires/La Plata (1948/1947)

From the ARGbase site, www.oocities.org/colosseum/mound/7762/jag/base4049.htm, comes this cross table (well, I made the xtab, but ARGbase supplied the pgn’s):

Buenos Aires - La Plata it(click on image to enlarge)

Beware however –  there is some complications from Bolbochan’s apparent withdrawal from the tournament which could alter the above.

For example, if Bolbochan withdrew before playing six games, all his results would be dropped(*). That would mean Stahlberg would lose 1/2, while all others would lose 1 point. (Stahlberg drew Bolbochan in round 1). In that case, Najdorf would be tied with Stahlberg for 1st place with 8/10.

(*) Under modern rules. The cbh file from ARGbase has only five games with moves from Bolbochan (including a loss to Najdorf, and a draw to Stahlberg). It is likely that modern rules were used in the 1948 tournament, but contemporaneous confirmation would be nice to have.


And also from ARGbase, comes the cross table for Buenos Aires / La Plata Sextangular (1947), a 6-player double Round Robin:

Buenos Aires - La Plata Sextangular (1947)Or, maybe you’d prefer a screenshot of SCID HTML’s version of the xtab:

Buenos Aires - La Plata Sextangular (1947 - SCID)So, we see that Euwe was the “old” man of the tournament, and Rossetto, the baby.




5 thoughts on “Buenos Aires/La Plata (1948/1947)

  1. Zan, I’m interested in learning what month the 1947 tournament started/was played in – do you happen to know?

    The link to ARGbase seems to be no longer extant, sadly.

    • Hi Stephen,

      I tried looking for some of my old notes, but got confused and found the wrong tournament… I’m less confused presently, but still without an answer, sorry. I’ll try looking a little more later when I have some more time. Stop back.


      [Update 1] OK, I found the old ARGbase PGN, and it only gives the year for the games. Probably I didn’t do much more research into it (other than the xtab). I’ll check my notes, and do a little more researching if needed. At the very least the “bracket” dates should be found.

      [Update 2] Found it. Or at least enough to give you an answer. An image of the tournament book, by A. Ellerman, gives the months as April-May, 1947.

      • Many thanks! That’s what I wanted to know. I’ve added 3 annotated games from the tournament to my collection. As I said on cg, I’m not a completist, so wanting to know the month and the round numbers is no more than a fetish on my part, really – and for the 1940s in particular it can be difficult to find that out. On the other hand I’m happy not to know the exact date of a game or the ratings of the players.

        I probably ought to buy Di Felice’s books – and perhaps I will, a little later this year. Thanks again!

  2. Well, Stephen, it takes all kinds. I’ve a little of the completist in me, though I’m not as extreme as some on . For example, it’s unlikely that I’d research so deep as to determine the dates of each round, plus the itinerary of all the off-day tours for the participants!

    I also have to confess to having a small touch of the perfectionist in me. Unfortunately for me, since I rarely am. For example, I have to confess to messing up the url link to ARGbase, omitting the http:// that WordPress needs for the link to work. Ugh!

    But the happy news is that the link, now corrected, works. And it will take you to a site where the entire tournament PGN can be downloaded. Unfortunately for you, you aren’t a completist. Ha!

    (To close a little more seriously – thanks for prompting me to correct the post.)

    • Thanks for that, have now bookmarked the ARGbase site. I recall that six or so years ago there were quite a few of these base sites, but most of them seem to be defunct now, sadly enough.

      As it happens I did have the complete sextangular tournament, it’s in Megabase 97, which has some interesting 40s/50s stuff, but of course Chessbase hasn’t researched starting months for most of it.

      Anyway thanks again, and if there’s anything in Chessbase (up to 2001!) or the CA World ch databases (Lasker, Capa, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal, Spassky) that might be helpful to you, drop me a line.

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